Monday, February 18, 2013

A new comission finished for a beautiful Canadian Customer!

I have had a great long space in between doing commissions for people due to some great big life upheavals! I moved across the country, and started doing a lot of re-enacting and lost time.  I have recently began to dip back into the bonnets and realized how much I enjoy them!

Here is the latest mid Victorian creation I made for a lovely lady in Canada.  I enjoyed making it very much and working with her and I think it is one of my most beautiful creations yet!

She requested sage green, royal blue, and decorated with pink roses.  I combined three different styles of roses for depth and made fun little royal blue ribbons.  Inside is pleated lace and a doubled up ostrich plume sits coquettishly over the top of the bonnet.

If you are looking to have a spring time or summer bonnet made to spice up your impression or costume wardrobe, feel free to contact me to have one made!  Prices may vary.

All my love!

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

My first comissioned bonnet and a happy customer

The first time I comissioned a bonnet was to the ever popular and wonderful Lauren Reeser. I was given a general color scheme and knew what the dress looked ike vaguely, and was given free reign to do as I pleased with very basic guidlines.

I enjoyed making this bonnet IMMENSELY, as I do all, and was very proud to have it shown off. She, too, was very pleased by the product, and wrote a wonderful review:

"I've commissioned two bonnets from Maggie, one for myself and one for my mother. Maggie had them made up and shipped within two weeks of my ordering, and she hadn't even seen the dresses they were made to go with! I just described the colors I wanted, and a little about the character of my dress (I think I said "more on the demure side, middle-class lady"), and when I opened the box I was absolutely stunned. I got SO MANY compliments on my bonnet, and it absolutely took my dress to the next level. Same with my mom's, it's just stunning, and she was thrilled! I cannot recommend Maggie enough. She's shockingly good at this, really fast (if you get in her queue right away), and very affordable."

Thank you again to Lauren, and her wonderful support, and if nothing else, I think the bonnets speak for themselves!

Monday, October 11, 2010

Victorian Bonnets

Here are some examples of Mid-Victorian Bonnets I have made for myself and others.
This garish and sweet ensemble happens to be one of my favorite bonnets that I have made. In design, it is very simple sporting a mint green bias tape trim on the edges, two pink ostrich plumes, pink and cream flowers and a large pink bird. This Bonnet happens to be FOR SALE! Please feel free to e-mail me for price details.

This lovely bonnet was made for the mother of the most wonderful American Duchess of It is decorated with lavendar bias tape trim on the edges, ivory pleated lace in the middle with white deocrative trim, and was kept simple with small lavendar bows, cream and purple flowers, and small ostrich plume with sage green bonnet tie. A small dark purple bird is nestled among the ostrich plume.

Here I have presented a maroon felt base decorated for upper-class ladies. It is complete with white and red poinsettas, gold silk flowers, false pinecones and acorns, a large bird and green bonnet ties. It also includes a old tassel, four small pheasant feathers and a small ostrich plume. The inside is decorated with ivory lace. This bonnet is FOR SALE! Please inquire via e-mail for price details.

I am openly taking comissions for Victorian Bonnets right now. If you wish to have a custom Bonnet made or even one of the two for sale on this page, please e-mail me and in the subjet line put "Bonnets" so that I know you are not spam! Thank you very much for your interest, and I hope to be up to my elbows in work soon!

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Commisions: Answers to the When,Where,How, and How much questions!

Why hello, dear followers, readers, and hat desire-ers, welcome to the wonderful and wacky world of Maggie's Bonnet-arium, where you can find all of your costume hat needs!
Despite the name, I specialize in more than just bonnets, but bonnets are where I got my start and can never pass one up.
Now; Onto the good stuff. You want a custom hand made Maggie Hat, do you? Well then by all means let me assist!
Hat prices vary depending on how intricate the hat you desire is. If you would like a hat made, please email me at with a detailed description including style, shape, size (please be as exact with your measurements as possible), and decorations. Feel free to also send me materials if you have something specific in mind and pictures of the feel you are going for.
Thank you for your interest in the Bonnet-arium, and I look forward to serving each and every one of you in any of your head covering needs!